Go mobile with SiteLauncher
Collect and organize key websites to access on any device
Take your work with you
We're all becoming more mobile these days. We also understand that everyone's needs may not be the same. Maybe your job requires that you use iOS, or maybe you prefer the capabilities of Android devices. Better yet, maybe both! Having access to important AT&T websites on all of your devices can be a struggle. SiteLauncher aims to fill that gap in your life by providing an easy way of collecting a list of websites important to you, and maintaining that list across all of your devices, across multiple people.
Manage your team's links in real-time
Using SiteLauncher Administrator, you can create, delete, and reorder your links on the fly in a matter of seconds. We're also big fans of keeping things tidy, so if you find a set of links getting a little too long, go ahead and organize them into categories - create as many as you like. SiteLauncher syncs with SiteLauncher Administrator, so when you're done managing your favorite websites, they'll be available to access once you reload SiteLauncher on your mobile device.
Support for multiple platforms
You probably work with multiple devices throughout the day. Maybe you have a smartphone that you take with you on the go, but like to pull out an tablet whenever you get a chance to sit down. No worries - we've got you covered whether you're using a smartphone, tablet, iOS, or Android. Since SiteLauncher is a web app, most devices with a browser are able to run SiteLauncher. Click here for a list of compatible platforms.
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If you and your team are interested in using SiteLauncher, please send us a request via the link below.
SiteLauncher was designed and developed by the Evolving Technologies organization. The mobile environment is one that we really care about and would love to see grow inside AT&T. While simple in concept, there's still much potential in how we grow and evolve the mobile space, which is why we developed SiteLauncher for you. We value communication with our users, so if you have a question, comment, or a suggestion with how we can make it better, we would love to hear from you!
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